The Los Angeles Kings began their rookie camps and the rookie camp tournaments this past week. This means we are just that much closer to the 2018-19 NHL season. The camps, which include rookies and camp invitees, not only give the club hope but give the coaches a first hand look at what they have from the NHL draft. The exposure can be very good for these rookies, as they showcase their skills, or can be bad as some may not perform that well under pressure. They will play games against rookies from other teams in preparation for the upcoming year.

The rookie camp began on September 7th in El Segundo, California. The rookie tournament started on September 8th and will conclude on September 11th, just 3 days before the official start of training camp. I am particularly excited because this is when the hard work begins and viewers and followers of the Kings began to see what is in the pipeline. The beginning of rookie camp is also telling the fans that the season is not too far away from starting, thus predictions galore will begin. Top rookies like Gabe Vilardi and Jaret Anderson-Dolan will participate. The Kings also have non- roster invitees Mark Rassell, Michal Ivan and Nathan Dunkley also participating.

This is an exciting time of year for all hockey fans. This is the time we all get our hopes up for our squads and the hopes of raising Lord Stanley. For some teams it is an all too reality this could be true. For some teams there is some hope, while other teams know they have a slim shot at making the playoffs. The NHL parity is closer than ever and this season should be a fun, yet interesting one. Where will it end? Nobody knows but it will be fun watching the season unfold.




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