In the last week there has been rumors that the Phoenix Suns are looking to get a veteran point guard. One of the names circulating in talks has been Clippers guard Patrick Beverley. The Clippers already have a need to get rid of some guards. Could Beverley be the one?

Let’s look at the facts first. Patrick Beverley goes into the season as the starting point guard of the Clippers. With him, Avery Bradley and Luc Mbah a Moute the Clippers have been selling the team as “Clamp City”, a defensive juggernaut. We also have to remember that Beverley played only 11 games last season due to a knee surgery. Beverley’s contract goes into its final year and is only partially guaranteed.

The Clippers are trying to win. At the same time they are trying to give their this year’s draft picks Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson as many minutes as they can to develop them.

Honestly, I don’t see the Clippers trading Beverley. If healthy, he is too valuable player for our team. He brings that grit that will get everyone going. Just think about last year’s opening night. He took it as his personal assignement to stop Lonzo Ball. Hopefully he can pass some of that grit to Shai and Jerome. And even if the Clippers wanted to trade Pat, the Suns don’t have that much to offer. I’m sure of it: Beverley is going to stay.


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