What would it take to get Jimmy Butler to the Clippers? That’s a question that Lawrence Frank, Jerry West and probably every Clippers fan has been wondering since Woj broke the news that Timberwolves’ guard Jimmy Butler had asked for a trade, naming the Clippers his preferred destination.

So, what are the Clippers’ best trade assests for getting Butler? Discussing this we must remember that Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau has said that he doesn’t want a rebuild. What can we trade for Butler without giving up the two max slots the team has?

Unfortunately most likely the Clippers would have to trade Tobias Harris to make the trade work just for Butler. The package could be something like Harris, Teodosic and a first round pick. In the worst case scenario the Clippers would have to give up also Jerome Robinson.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe gave out an interesting report around the offices. Minnesota doesn’t want to part ways with Butler, unless it means they get rid of Gorgui Dieng’s contract. And then this idea crossed up my mind. The Clippers want no part of that Dieng contract. Nobody wants. But the Clippers have something that interests a team.

Last week I wrote about the Suns interest on Patrick Beverley. Maybe a three team trade would work.


Here’s my Basic idea. The Clippers would also attach a first round pick for the Suns, hopefully with some protections.

Why for Clippers? Well, the obvious fact is that we get Butler here. We would have to give up Gallo, who could be valuable, Lou, who obviously is an important piece, and Beverley, that would allow more minutes for SGA. We would have to take Chandler’s salary, but that won’t matter next summer. Also we get to keep Tobias.

Why for Timberwolves? They get a decent return on a disgrunteled player who wants to leave. Gallo and Lou can contribute and help them make the playoffs. They also get rid of Dieng’s contract.

Why for Suns? They get the point guard they have been looking for. They also get a first round pick for the future they can use for trades.

Will this trade really happen? Probably not. But it’s fun to throw the GM hat on your head let the ideas roam.

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