For the longest time, Chargers fans always had to hear about that fateful Sunday afternoon in December of 2016. I was in Colorado at the time visiting family, and I remember taking a long walk as the Chargers gave the Browns their only victory of that season, after 2 missed field goals.

The Chargers handled the Browns last year, and thats exactly what they did yesterday. Many of the national “experts” picked the Browns to take it to the Chargers, and fantasy analyst were talking up Baker Mayfield and saying that he was going to carve up the weakened Chargers defense. Gus Bradley shut that up quick. From the jump, the Chargers pounced on the Browns defense, they scored a TD on the opening drive for the first time since 1960 (Moving to LA joke there). Any seasoned Chargers fan knows that the Chargers very rarely put together a solid first drive and score a TD or points for that matter. Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler ran all over the Browns defense like they were a high school team, while watching the game I couldn’t help but realize that this was the most dominant rushing game that the Chargers have had since LT was playing.

The Chargers rushing attack from Gordon, Ekeler, Allen, and Jackson, combined for 246 rushing yards with a 6.8 YAC. It was the most dominant rushing attack that the Charger have had since 2008. Melvin alone solidified himself as the best RB in the AFC with a 132 rushing yard and 3 TD game. Tyrell Williams had two impressive touchdown grabs, in triple and double coverage, respectively.

Melvin's 3rd TD
Melvin Rushes for his Second Touchdown (

The defensive side of the ball, showed great resilience, still without Bosa and having a few key players out, they made a competent Browns offense look obsolete. Isaac Rochell had 2 sacks, Derwin got his 4th sack, and the Chargers combined for 5 sacks. The real star was the secondary, Casey Hayward shadowed Jarvis Landry all day and only allowed 2 catches for 11 yards, and Desmond King had not 1 but 2 interceptions against Baker. His first was extremely impressive, he was able to undercut a late slant route, which takes incredible speed to recover and make that play. The Chargers special teams weren’t as painful to watch this week, new kicker Mike Badgley went 1/1 and 5/5 for XP yesterday, it was a refreshing sight to see as Chargers fans. It would be nice if we could cut Sturgis and keep this kid instead.

King's Second Int
Desmond King on his First Interception (

With the loss of the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, the Chargers who sit at 4-2 currently, are now only one game out of first in the AFC West. With the Chiefs playing the Bengals and Rams in the following weeks, and the Chargers fairly favorable schedule. The AFC West could look very different in a few weeks, with the Chargers at the helm.

The Chargers will fly across the pond next week for a bright and early matchup against the Titans. If you are a west coast resident then you will most likely have to be up at 6 am for next weeks game, so prepare accordingly. The Titans are coming off of a embarrassing loss to the Ravens where they gave up 11 sacks, Chargers will go on bye after next weeks game and then Bosa will be back!

Tyrell TD Celebration
Tyrell Celebrating with his Teammates After Catching a Touchdown in Triple-Coverage (

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