The Los Angeles Kings last won the Stanley Cup in 2014 on an Alec Martinez shot on Henrik Lundqvist. This may well have been the last time the Kings enjoyed some success in the playoffs. It was not that long ago that the Kings were one of the most feared teams in the Western Conference. The team is still competitive and will challenge for the division title, but are the chances of winning the cup diminishing?

The Kings have been built around Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick for a number of years and the team has followed this trio into success. With the before mentioned success the team has not really been a viable contender since winning the cup in 2014. Jonatahn Quick, although dominant at times, has been injured often, Anze Kopitar is 31 years old and Drew Doughty is 29. The question is, as it comes with all teams, how long do you wait until changes on the roster are due.

If Quick was healthy for most of his career then he would require a very nice package in return for his services. The same could be said for Kopitar, who has led the Kings in scoring for the past several seasons. Doughty, to me, is the only untouchable on the team going forward. Do you inquire about trading Kopitar or Quick just to see what’s out there? Do you wait another season or two and maybe make a serious push for the cup and see where you are then?  All of the Kings fans do not want this core blown up. The question is, what if the return on one of these moves is worth the risk to get you to a cup final? It may be worth the look and risk to find out.

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