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The Dark Days Roll On…

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The Anaheim Ducks have not won a hockey game in over 2 weeks. We have lost 7 straight games and only 2 of which have gotten us to OT or SO for a point. This is tough, it’s hard to watch the games right now, it’s hard to stay optimistic, and it’s hard to have any faith. It seems like every game the Ducks are coming out and looking okay to start, then usually will give up the first goal and then be chasing the lead for the rest of the game. What happened vs Philly was absolutely horrible. To be struggling as badly as we are, and tie the game up with under 2 minutes left and assume we will make it to overtime, just to let the Flyers come back down the ice and score is unacceptable. To not get a point out of that game is, as Cogs said, a “joke”.


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I was personally happy to see the Ducks had a closed door meeting after that loss, it was long overdue to make a point out of how serious this losing streak has been and how badly we have been playing. The Ducks were scheduled to have practice at 11AM on Wednesday but did not hit the ice until about noon. Since it appears we are sticking with the coaching situation, this was going to be a turning point for the team. Have that meeting, get chewed out (hopefully) and come out and beat the struggling New York Rangers team on Thursday. Well, the Ducks ended up following in their own footsteps and letting the Rangers score first and played catch up the entire game. Although we did make it past regulation and got a point (woo hoo…) we quickly lost in a shoot-out where the Ducks made 0 saves and made 0 shots.

Now I would like to point out the few good things, in an effort to keep a glimmer of hope. Pontus Aberg has been great. As of right now he is looking like a good fit out there, and appears to be one of the only Ducks who are not expecting good things to happen but working hard to make good things happen. He has had some filthy hands and some of that “being in the right spot at the right time” luck as of late. Also, the game tying goal late in the Rangers game was a thing of beauty. Along with Aberg, the Captain seems to be another person who is visibly frustrated with how things are going and is trying to make his actions back up his words. Getz has always been known for his passing but the fake slap shot pass to Ricky who one timed it past Georgiev was a thing of beauty. I really thought a play like that would be one that could snap them out of this funk, but I guess not.

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Now, on to Columbus at home on Sunday. I would like to note that I think one of the best things that could happen to the Ducks is the fact they are playing the Kings next week. I don’t say that because the Kings are also having their issues, but Kings and Ducks games are just different, they always are. There is a different type of feel, and intensity and hopefully that can get the Ducks back to their roots… Although the Kings may be thinking the same. Oh well, have to worry about Sunday first.

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