When the off-season started, there were obvious holes to address. The included re-signing Clayton Kershaw, work on adding to the bullpen, and possibly attempt to land a generational talent in Bryce Harper. Sure, after going to back-to-back World Series, we expected a little shift in the front office, possibly even in the dugout, but I for one, didn’t expect the mass exodus that has occurred over the last week. However, when you’re good, you’re good, and other teams want a piece of the action.

The loss of Chris Woodward was going to happen sooner or later, and the Texas Rangers plucked him from our third base coaching box to be their manager. The other two departures were very surprising in not only that they happened, but in the speed in which they occurred. Yasiel Puig’s kissing pal and the Dodgers hitting coach, Turner Ward, was plucked by the Cincinnati Reds to man the same role on their squad. Which, is more than surprising to go from a World Series team, to a sub .500 team, in what amounts to be a demotion at worst, and a lateral move at best. My only assumption is there must have been some internal discussion about the style of hitting, or lack thereof, with runners in scoring position that was magnified in the playoffs.

Even more baffling to me, was the hire by the San Francisco Giants, by convincing Farhan Zaidi to leave the warm southern California sun, for the chilly and damp bay in the north. On the surface, this must concern Dodger nation. The former GM of the Dodgers, with ample knowledge of how the team is run, scouting reports on players, how the Dodgers construct their lineups, is now taking up residence in the front office of the team the Dodgers love to hate. My only guess is Andrew Friedman saw this coming and has been able to construct a very short list of suitors to take on the new GM role of the best team in the national league the last two consecutive years. There will be many interested, but few considered.

This leaves the Dodgers with three very important and glaring holes to fill. How those are addressed will be an entertaining, yet stressful, show to watch over the next few months. Will they all come from internal choices? Or, will they look outside of the organization. Friedman has never been one to shy away from stealing other progressive minds on other teams (see: Alex Anthopoulos from the Toronto Blue Jays), but there will much more competition this off-season with many holes on other teams as well.

What went from an off-season of managing the payroll and player roster, has now become a search for replacements, or even possibly upgrades, on the field and in the front office. Friedman is incredibly adept at managing the team with a Jenga mindset. The right piece, the right place, the right push, and it all seems to work out in the end. He has his work cut out for him this time, and he’s running out of fingers to plug the holes in the organization.

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