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A New GM is Announced (?)

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The season continues on and the team is still struggling. The Kings have too many questions and not enough answers. At times looking desperate, they are willing to do anything to change their recent misfortunes. The franchise holds a closed door meeting and a players only meeting to find a solution and they come up with an answer…..Rob Blake steps down and they have a new general manager.

The Los Angeles Kings are proud to announce their new general manager……me.  I have been selected to help turn the franchise around by any means necessary and thoughts come into my head immediately.  While looking at the possibilities at the roster and depth chart, there is one thing that is off the table and that is Drew Doughty. Waiting to see at the trade deadline how the team performs will determine what transactions need to take place. However, if the team remains out of the playoff chase and continues to struggle then the message is clear – everyone except Doughty is available. The team is getting older and slower, so it need and upgrade in both areas.

The first place to look would be the Ontario Reign or in the upcoming draft – do not spend money if you do not have to.. Anze Kopitar would fetch a nice return, however, you may not get an equal of a return for a Dustin Brown, Jeff Carter or Jake Muzzin. This scenario seems farfetched that any one of these core pieces would be moved, but remember that Wayne Gretzky was once traded. A shakeup is looking more like a reality for the team but there is one question – make a move now or wait, see how the team performs  and make a move in the offseason?

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