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Is a deep Clippers’ playoff run impossible?

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June 16th, 2019

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Clippers meet in game seven of the NBA finals. The game is 108-107 for Milwaukee with 13 seconds to go. Clippers center Montrezl Harrell inbounds the ball to Lou Williams. Lou brings the ball up the court. 7 seconds to go. Lou gets a screen from Tobias Harris. Eric Bledsoe runs into the screen. Pick and pop. Bledsoe and Khris Middleton both chase Williams leaving Tobias wide open. Lou passes, Harris shoots… Oh me oh my.

Now, this is all fiction. Just a dream. But, I started to ask myself: is it impossible?

tobias harris Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Kelvin Kuo – USA TODAY Sports

As of November 23rd, 2018, the Clippers stand fourth in the Western Conference, behind the Grizzlies, the Trail Blazers and the Thunder. The Clippers also leads the Pacific divison that includes the Lebron Lakers and the Golden State Warriors.

We touted ourselves as Clamp City before the season: a team that would let nobody easy on defense. But currently the Clippers are ninth worst in points allowed, granted, that the Clippers have the second best opponent field goal percentage. It’s our offense that’s been great, as the Clippers are third in the league in points per game.

Photo: NBA.com

As of getting to the finals: is it impossible? For me, no, it’s not. Highly unlikely, but not impossible. It would need a step up in terms of rebounding and something to happen to the clear favourites Golden State Warriors, like injuries or chemistry issues, which we all saw happen between the fourth quarter and the overtime in the Clippers-Warriors game. But as Kevin Garnett once said: anything is possible.

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