The Los Angeles Kings have had a dismal start to the season, and while that’s evident, the reason why is not. The team has changed coaches, recalled players, signed players and even made a few trades as well. The team is still playing subpar. While the team still looks for magic on the ice, the answers maybe something that might go back a few years.

The Kings enjoyed success in the tune of two Stanley Cups over the years. The championships have come to a deserving, hardworking team but they were not dominant. That reason is the style of play and the speed at which the game was played. Hockey in 2018 is different than 2014 and so is the tempo at which the game itself is played. The slower paced play that they team plays with now worked for them during the cup runs but the league may have caught up with them this time and could possibly why the team is where it is at right now. The league is faster and younger, two things the Kings lack this year.

The core of the team is Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick. These players, although the best players at each position on the team, are older now and not as quick (no pun intended) as they used to be. The team as a whole has to be quicker and younger to compete in the league and it could take a big rebuild to be serious contenders again.  The Kings can still remain somewhat  competitive but to get over that hump they need a roster redo. What do you guys think? Is youth and speed the reason the Kings are struggling or is there something else there?

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