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RECAP: Chargers Nab a Victory in a Sloppy Game Against the Bengals, 26-21

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Honestly, this seemed like one of the easier games in the Chargers season, but lack of usage of Justin Jackson led to a stagnant offense. The Chargers defense played well, but still allowed Joe Mixon to run for 111 yards and a touchdown. The Chargers still found a way to win, which has been an Anthony Lynn storyline all season, it doesn’t matter how you win, just how you finish and win the close ones.

Allen TD Catch (Bengals)
Keenan Allen grabs another amazing Touchdown. (Chargers.com)

Normally I start the offensive section with something on the offense, but the real offensive MVP of the game was Micheal “Money Badger” Badgley who went 4/4 on FGs, in which one broke a franchise record for a 59-yarder. He also went 2/2 for PAT’s for a perfect day kicking, the Chargers might have found a gem in Badgley. Chargers kicking has been their biggest hindrance over the last couple of years and now that they might have the position shored up, they look to take on the NFL and contend for a Super Bowl this season. Phillip had an average day, the offense got off to a scorching hot start in the first two drives, but only got 128 total yards after the first 2 drives. Ekeler had a good day on the ground and got another TD, but he suffered a neck injury on the onside kick at the end of the game, and looks to be out for Thursday Night Football. Mike Williams continues to show why he was worth his 7th overall pick, by making several clutch catches.

Badgley Record FG
Micheal Badgley kicks record-breaking 59-yard FG. (Chargers.com)

The Chargers defense got 3 sacks but no turnovers during the game. Joey Bosa continues to make his presence known with his 4th sack in 3 games, he should make a difference in the playoffs run. Darius Philon and Uchenna Nwosu made the crucial plays to put the game away. Philon made a great sack on the two point conversion attempt by the Bengals at the end of the game. Nwosu made the final sack to force the clock to run and, made sure the Bengals couldn’t run another play. Darius Philon was a disruptive force all day for the Bengals, and has played very well this season. Desmond King continues to be one of the best returners in football and also one of the top CBs as well. Make sure you guys go out and vote for all of your Chargers to get to the Pro Bowl.

Nwosu Final Sack
Uchenna Nwosu making the final sack, to close out the game. (Chargers.com)

The Chargers move to 10-3, which is their first 10-win season since 2009. Just to mention something, the Chargers now possess the 2nd best record in the AFC, but will be the 5th seed in the playoffs. Just goes to show how flawed the playoff seeding system is. The Chargers should be hosting a playoffs game since they have the second best record in the AFC, instead they have to play in the Wildcard and play all away games through the playoffs, while teams with a worse record will be hosting playoff games.

Bosa's 4th Sack
Joey Bosa getting his 4th sack in three games. (Chargers.com)

The Chargers are gonna be on a short week as they get ready to play the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead on Thursday Nigh Football. This game is everything, the Chargers got caught early in the season by the Chiefs, and the Chiefs have shown that they have several weaknesses, after a narrow victory over the Ravens in OT this week. The Chargers have a shot to make a run for the AFC West Title, but will have to win against the Chiefs, who are 9-0 against in them last 4 years.

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