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PREVIEW – Week 15: Chargers vs Chiefs

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Alright Chargers Nation you better be a hyped as I am for this freaking game! The Chargers have had a great season, don’t get my wrong, but I’m sick of the Chiefs having our number! The Chargers have an opportunity to shut up Chiefs fans, tonight. In just the second nationally televised game for the Chargers (Really NFL???), the Chargers travel to Arrowhead Stadium and prepare for the game of the season. The Chiefs are 9-0 against the Chargers over the last couple of seasons, however that changes tonight. The Chargers made several huge mistakes in the first game of the season against the Chiefs, with notably three dropped TDs! I’m getting sick and tired of hearing all of the slander towards the Chargers for not being able to play in cold weather games, the Chargers have several cold weather players such as Melvin Gordon and most of the offensive line. Even Kansas City Police Department is punching fun at the Chargers.

This is technically wrong, the Chargers left for a new stadium, not more fans. What they should be talking about is Philcember, which is River’s ridiculous record in the December and January months of the football season. Chargers have a challenging few games against the Chiefs, Ravens, and Broncos, they need to win tonight to make a statement to the rest of the AFC and NFL. Everyone needs to understand that the Chargers might have the most talented roster in the NFL, and they are a force to be reckoned with!

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