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Could Kevin Durant become a Clipper?

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In the summer of 2018 the biggest story was the free agency of Lebron James. James ended up going to the Los Angeles Lakers, to the same division than his rivals Golden State Warriors. After those news came the first reports; there was a chance that Warriors forward Kevin Durant would join Lebron in Los Angeles.

However about a week ago Durant told Bleacher Report’s Rich Bucher that he thinks playing with Lebron can be “toxic”. Sounded like Durant wouldn’t join Lebron on the Lakers. And so everybody said it: Kevin Durant will not come to LA.

I was listening to all of that talk like, why do they talk about the Lakers as LA? Aren’t the Clippers in LA also? We have one, possibly two max spaces and the LA market along with the richest owner in US sports, why wouldn’t a guy like KD want to come here?

This Monday I was at work, in Finland, in a nearby soft drinks Company that produces drinks like Heineken, Pepsi and other for the national market, along with other drinks. During my shift in logistics I tend to listen to podcasts on Spotify. Shows like Undisputed, First Take and many others are my go-to’s on work. On Monday I was listening to the Stephen A. Smith show. And he gave an answer to my question. According to what he had heard, the Clippers were one of the frontrunners to land KD. I was like, “wow, feels like a dream”.

But it wasn’t.

And on Thursday I got to listen the great Bill Simmons interview KD in his show. Every time Simmons brought up free agency KD went crazy. He didn’t want to talk about it, although he said at the end of the show that he’d told Simmons after the show ended about his plans. Sounded like he was decisive. Also, when Bill Simmons asked about KD’s favourite rookie, his answer was our very own Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Not a bad point to start.

Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here folks. KD may come, he may not. He’s not the only guy who could come. After hearing from Stephen A and Bill Simmons I really feel we have a shot at him.

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