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I have been a Chargers fan since 2005, and this might have been the best moment as a Chargers fan. The Chiefs were so cocky after they got lucky in the first game of the season, but they were swiftly humbled by the Chargers in Arrowhead. Anthony Lynn needs to be in contention for coach of the year, he continues to show that this is not the old Chargers. He knew that he was going for two before the final drive even started, it was a bold move and it paid off greatly. The Chargers won in Arrowhead without Gordon or Allen, if that doesn’t scream Super Bowl contender then I don’t know what does.

Travis Benjamin catch
Benjamin Makes Clutch Catch on 4th and 7 (

The offense gave the Chiefs defense a hard time all game, with Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler out, it was Justin Jacksons time to shine. Keenan Allen was also hurt with a hip injury early in the game, but Travis Benjamin and Mike Williams stepped up in a huge way. Justin Jackson had a good day on the ground and got another rushing TD, there is a chance that Melvin is back next week, but since the Chargers already clinched he might sit out until playoffs. Mike Williams was the star of the night, he caught 2 TDs and added a rushing TD. He caught the two-point conversion to win the game as well, he looked like one of the best WRs in the NFL on Thursday night. Travis Benjamin was Mr. Clutch, he only had 2 catches, but they came on the final drive. He caught a great post route in triple coverage and took a huge hit and held on, then he caught a tight pass on 4th and 7 and took it for 20+ yards. Those two catches might have won the game, and it was great to see Benjamin make such a huge impact. The offensive line struggled against the Chiefs pass rush, especially Chris Jones who had 2.5 sacks. Forest Lamp needs to be given the opportunity to start at RG, Schofield played horrible all night and it would be nice to see what Lamp can do. Phillip Rivers had one of his better game of the year in the second half, he had some early turnovers in the first half, but redeemed himself in the 4th quarter. He made two of the best throws of the season on the final drive of the game, and showed how clutch he is.

Mike Williams Game Winner
Mike Williams Catches the Two-Point Conversion (

The defense got off to a rough start like they always do, but locked down when it mattered most. Melvin Ingram had a great game with 1.5 sacks, while the rest of the Chargers pass rush struggled to contain Patrick Mahomes all game. Derwin James had a solid game as usual. Adrian Phillips was the Chargers leading tackler and played a big role in the Chargers win. The Chargers showed the ability to slow down the Chiefs offense enough to pull out a win, and they showed that they can contend with any offense in the NFL.

Jack Boyz (Chiefs)
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The Chargers are now 11-3 and have clinched a playoff spot. They still sit at the 5 seed in the playoffs, but have a chance to win the division and 1 seed in the playoffs. The Chiefs play in Seattle and in Oakland for their next two games, both might be challenging. The Chargers have a tough two matchups against the Ravens and Broncos, but if they win out and the Chiefs lose a game the Chargers would secure the 1 seed and host in the playoffs.

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