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Helping or Hurting?

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The Los Angeles Kings are not in this position very often. They have enjoyed success, including 2 Stanley Cups, over the past several seasons but are currently in a position they haven’t seen in the past 10 years.

The Kings would be out of the playoffs if the season started today and this is not a good feeling because there have been minimal changes.

With this said let’s explore reasons why the minimal changes could be good and bad for the club. The team remains the same, except for a few call ups this season and an early season trade that saw Carl Hagelin come from the Pittsburgh Penguins for Tanner Pearson. This would be a good thing to not make changes because this will keep the core group together and give the young guys experience for a bigger role next year. The Kings have a solid, not great, group of players they can gel with, including Captain Anze Kopitar. They could remain still and ride out the season, see where it goes from there and hope for the best .

The second option is to see why remaining the same is hurting the team. The team, even after firing Coach Stevens, remains slow in their play and remain at the bottom half of the standings. The Kings do not seem to have an immediate answer on how to fix things. The Kings could make moves, perhaps moving some core pieces, to shake up the club and hope this team to be successful in terms of being a serious contender again they need to make a big move. Staying still while the team is still struggling is not the move you want to make.

Which way would you go with the current state of the team?

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