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RECAP: Chargers Dominate in AFC Wildcard Revenge Game Against the Ravens, 23-17

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Money Badger 5:6 Day
Micheal “Money Badger” Badgley went 5/6 FG in a historic kicking day. (Chargers.com)

The Chargers finally got another shot at the Ravens, after the team surprised them 15 days ago. Gus Bradley and the coaching staff came prepared this time, and the Ravens looked downright bad. This was my main focus all week as everyone talked bad about them and kept saying it would end the exact same as a few weeks ago, the Chargers were the first team to play the Ravens twice in their new offense and they shut it down. Don’t let the 23-17 final score deceive you, the Charger were up 23-3 and then let the gas up and the Ravens got some fortunate plays. Chargers will have to make sure they play all four quarters next week, won’t get as lucky.

Rivers Running
Athletic Rivers reaching 16 mph, in longest run of his career. (Chargers.com)

The offense started super slow, with 4 Field Goals in the first half. The real offensive MVP was Micheal “Money Badger” Badgley who went 5/6 with his only miss being a block off of a bad snap, he broke the rookie record with a 94% make percentage in his first year. Having a reliable kicking game has made the Chargers the most dangerous team in the AFC, since it has lost them several close games and now it’s something that’s not as big of a deal. Rivers had an efficient day, and not much was expected against the best defense in the NFL, and he made several clutch runs, including one that got a first which was the longest run of his career. The offensive line played MUCH better this game, and only let Rivers get sacked once in the entire game. The running game was good, and Melvin got a rushing touchdown, should be much more successful in New England. Hunter Henry was not active in this game, but he is expected back for next weeks matchup.

Melvin Ingram Sack
Melvin Ingram getting this 2nd sack of the day. (Chargers.com)

This defense, boy, did they put on a show. For starters they didn’t start a linebacker until the 4th quarter and he was only used for a handful of plays. Gus Bradley drew up an All-Defensive Back defensive scheme and it absolutely dominated abasing the Ravens offense. Lamar Jackson had 6 passing yards in the 3rd quarter, and the Ravens fumbled 4 times! The Chargers pass rush also put on a show, amassing 7 sacks on Lamar Jackson, with Melvin Ingram getting 2 and making his presence known with a forced fumble. The real defensive MVP is Adrian Phillips, who had a TFL, fumble recovery, and an interception. The Chargers finally played Jahleel Addae in a linebacker role and he flourished, and they moved back Rayshawn Jenkins to play the FS position. The 7 DB package that Bradley used today was the most the formation has been used by a defense in 13 years for a game, just goes to show you how rare today was for this defense. Desmond King, fresh off his First and Second team All-Pro team selection, played another solid game, with a sack and a 72-yard kick return.

Adrian Phillips INT
Adrian Phillips making a diving interception. (Chargers.com)

The Chargers will be the underdogs again as they travel to New England next week in a highly-anticipated matchup against the Brady led Patriots. The Chargers are now 8-1 on the road this season, and the Patriots are 8-0 at home this year. Should be a fun game, can’t wait to watch this matchup.

Chargers Defense
The Chargers Defense celebrates the victory in Baltimore. (Chargers.com)

It will be on Sunday 13th, at 10:05 AM PST, it will be an early game, but everyone better be up and rooting for our Chargers!

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