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Still a Chance?

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As Los Angeles Kings fans we know this season has been filled with ups and downs. The season has been rough to say the least but the fat lady has yet to sing.

The Kings have not given up on the season and we should not give up on them either.  The season is still young enough to make changes and move up in the standings. They do need help though, which will play out ass the season carries on.

The 2018-19 season is about half way over and the Kings are in last place in the Pacific division with 37 points, according to NHL.com. The Calgary Flames lead the division with 58 points. Looking at the wild card race, the Kings are 8 points behind the wild card leader Minnesota Wild. Star Power fills the Pacific division, and that seems to be making the difference.  The Kings have quite the hill to climb but the deficit they face is one that could be overcome before the season is over.

The biggest issue facing Los Angeles right now is getting points in the standings and getting into the Wild Card race.  The Kings have the talent to do damage once again in the playoffs, the trick is just getting there. The All-Star break comes at a good time because it gives the team a chance to rest, recharge and come up with a plan to overcome this challenge that is in front of them. Right now they cannot worry about what the teams do in front of them , Los Angeles just has to get points. The second half is going to be interesting for sure, but as a fan I believe in this team. The question is do they have just enough magic to sneak into the playoffs?

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