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Clearing Cap Space

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The NHL trade deadline is February 26th and it is usually a busy day for most teams. The Los Angeles Kings are no different and this year could be interesting for a team looking to turn things around, and not necessarily this year.

The Kings are used to being at the top of the standings and in contention year after year. However, this season has been rough and right now do not even qualify for the Wild Card.

The Kings have 3 players that have one year left on their contract, while 6 players have two years left and some of those names are interesting. One year deals include forwards Carl Hagelin, Nate Thompson (no trade clause) and defensemen Oscar Fantenberg. Those with 2 years remaining include forwards Tyler Toffoli, Kyle Clifford, defensemen Jake Muzzin, Derek Forbort, Paul LaDue and goaltender Jack Campbell. They become unrestricted free agents when their deals run out.  The Los Angeles Kings could let them walk, get nothing in return and free up cap space. Or they could trade one of these players for prospects to build for the future.

My feeling is deals will be made as the Kings have no cap space to add anyone of significance. In order to attract free agents they need cap space to bring in help, regardless of position. The team is not afraid of taking chances, so if they need to move a key piece from above to be serious contenders again then they will make a big move. The team is in transition and need to find some fresh faces that will help them contend for another Stanley Cup. Does anyone mentioned above get moved? If so, who would you trade and for what? We have a little more than a month to find out.

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