In a season when things are not going as well as expected you look for the little positives. With the playoffs out of reach at the moment, it is hard to be positive. When your president, Luc Robitaille, addresses the matter and it does not sound good what are you left to ponder about?

Luc Robitaille sent out a letter to all season ticket holders recently and addressed the current state of the Los Angeles Kings. The letter basically said that they are focused on the future and, in not so many words, that they are rebuilding. There are two ways you can look at this if you are a season ticket holder, or a Kings fan in general. First, you can think he was crazy to address this when the season is not totally lost, with a slim chance to still make moves and squeeze into the playoffs. Second, fans can see his point of view, just play out the season and hope for a big off season.

Personally this is not the route most would have taken to address the season. The fans, for the most part, still have hopes for the playoffs. However, when someone in the organization says they are looking at next year when there are still 30 games left you have to maybe question things. Lucky Luc has to have a plan over the 5 months or so to build a contender for next season.

The Kings are not that far off and with a few moves we could see them as serious contenders again. Have faith in the organization because they know what needs to be done. Do you think the letter was a good idea? What moves would you make, in office or on the ice, before next season?

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