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Keep Willie or Free Willie?

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Willie Desjardins was hired after the Los Angeles Kings fired John Stevens early in the current season. The Kings started off dismal and, after the Desjardins hire, have gone .500 with him leading the team. An improvement? Record wise yes, however, the team finds itself just out of the playoff race. There are still holes to fill before the end of the year.

A lot of questions surround the Kings in the off season and one of those questions concern the coaching position. Should the Kings keep Desjardins and give him a full season with possible new faces on the ice? The key argument here is that he had most of the year with this team and failed to get them in the playoffs (as of this blog). Or would the Kings benefit bringing him back for next season after making some moves and giving him time with a different roster?

The biggest scenario to play out is if the Kings make the playoffs this season. This scenario seems to be the biggest key is to whether the Kings bring him back or not. The Kings organization could also decide just to blow things up, remove all coaches, make moves and start with a fresh, clean slate. The Kings still have some pieces in place to be competitive but need some additions to fill out the roster. Desjardins could benefit from a retooling after the season. The Kings could make the playoffs and things remain the same because of what Desjardins was able to accomplish.

However, if he fails to get them into the playoffs  then we could see a completely different team next season. Desjardins has done an average job but the record is somewhat better.

The question is, has he done enough to keep the head coaching job?

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