Brandon Ingram has been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This condition will sideline Brandon Ingram for the rest of the season. Brandon Ingram has had his best season in his young career averaging 18.3 ppg, 5.1 rpg, and shooting 49.7 fg% per At only 21 years of age, Brandon Ingram has shown flashes of all star potential and this condition may derail his basketball career moving forward.

Brandon Ingram’s condition is problematic for the Los Angeles Lakers moving forward. The Lakers sit at 30-36 on the season and are going to miss the playoffs for the 6th straight season. The next step for the Lakers is the offseason and free agency. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have some tough decisions to make this summer after a disappointing season this year.

One of the moves Magic and Rob will look to is trying to trade for New Orleans Pelicans All Star forward, Anthony Davis. The Pelicans have made it clear that they will not entertain trade offers from the Lakers again and will look to trade Davis to another team, preferably in the Eastern Conference. Any trade offers for Davis from the Lakers will have to start with Brandon Ingram and now he is off the table.

The Laker’s future is in question due to Ingram’s condition. The Lakers may lose a young legit small forward at only 21 years old and may not have anyone to replace him for next season. This is not an easy offseason for the Lakers as they look to rebuild the team in order to contend in the western conference next season. Brandon Ingram’s condition will have him take blood thinner medicine for the next 3 months. He will then be re evaluated and we will know if he will be able to continue playing basketball. The good sign is that 3 months from now will be early June and before free agency. The Lakers are still an attractive destination for free agents around the league but Brandon Ingram’s health is important for the Lakers whether they acquire a star free agent or not.

As fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, we may have to start looking past basketball for Brandon Ingram. This condition can be very serious and basketball needs to be the last thing that we need to worry about. Brandon Ingram is only 21 years old and has an entire life in front of him, this condition may hinder his basketball career but his overall well being is more important. Brandon Ingram has a promising career ahead of him but if he can’t play basketball anymore, I hope he can still enjoy his life and find something else that he is passionate about.

Brandon Ingram has All Star potential and hopefully he can be back on the court next season. He has grown every year that he has been in the NBA. His next growth is physically and adding a consistent 3 point shot. He clearly has the drive to be great and his experience will help him next year to become a better player and All Star.

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