The yearly general manager meetings were held March 4-6 and that means that rule and equipment changes were discussed, along with what are surely early trade talks for the upcoming draft.

These meetings can get pretty intense but at the same time very interesting. This is the time every year when they get together to engage thoughts about the future of the league, the game and their respective teams. As follows will be what myself would like to see as possible changes in the game.

First of all the point system would be changed. By now most of you might know the point system for wins, overtime losses, etc. My suggested change for this would be that the winning team, regardless if the win is in regulation or overtime, gets three (3) points for the win. The losing team, regardless of how they lose, would get zero points. Retro fans might like my next suggestion and that idea would be that we eliminate divisions and just have two conferences, like the old Wales and Campbell conferences. The conferences would be of 16 teams and this would be done in time for the expansion Seattle team to begin play.

Although there are only two suggestions, this is what I would change. The equipment is fine with me and would require no change at all. The rule changes that were discussed at this year’s meetings have not been voted on yet at the time of this article. We should know something regarding these suggested changes sometime around the draft. We should expect some kind of change with these many suggestions this year.

Are there any rule or equipment changes you would like to see? What would they be and how soon would you have them enforced? Let me hear your suggestions.

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