The Los Angeles Kings have officially been eliminated from this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. In my opinion there are four reasons why and the reason they will not be competing this year for the best trophy in sports.

The first reason is the firing of John Stevens and the hiring of Willie Desjardins. Coach Stevens never really got the chance to coach the team this year with the new additions from the off season and one who would at least compete for a division title, therefore was fired. Coach Desjardins did not do a terrible job but never really got everyone on the same page and a different voice is needed behind the bench next season.

Secondly, the trade of Jake Muzzin to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The best defensemen on the Kings not named Drew Doughty was traded because the team was moving in a different direction and he was sought after.

Third on my list a point that could be argued and that is do the Kings need a season like this? They have enjoyed much success over the years and  this may be what they need to really look at things this off season and reevaluate what the team needs are. The Kings can turn this around quickly but need a huge off season. Lastly, the constant change of the roster had a big impact on the season. The call ups and send downs really hurt the roster because the players could never get flow or consistency with their play.

The players never knew who they were playing with and this was every period and every game for the most part. Who or what was the downfall of the Kings season? Let me hear your thoughts.

Photo: USA Today
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