Clippers return home was very….disheartening to say and nonetheless. Throughout the entire game, nobody on the Clips could get any kind of a game going against the Dubs Goliath.

It also did not help that the Warriors were on something else tonight, seeming like they weren’t going to miss any shots finishing the game shooting 52% from the floor. But, the Refs did end up controlling most of the game and played a role in this game constantly calling touchy fouls and blowing the whistle any chance that they could get. Clippers got lucky in the first half with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant getting in some foul trouble early (Curry with 3, Durant with 3) but that didn’t help the fact that they also have the key players to keep them afloat and maintain getting points.

Clippers played hard though— attempting to keep it close but KD scoring 38 kept the warriors up with a substantial lead all the way through the 4th quarter. Gallinari was absent the entire game as the corpse of Gallinari went 0-8 from behind the 3 point line and was also a liability on the defensive side committing dumb fouls coming from his offensive frustration. The Lou Wil and Trezz pick and roll was quieted down as Lou only finished with 15 points and Trezz with 16points.

The Warriors team showed up filled up with gas and played back to their own championship caliber that everyone has witnessed these last recent years. A good takeaway from this game was the excellent fired-up playing from Jamychal Green splashing three 3 pointers and finishing with 15 points.

Photo: Ben Margot / Associated Press
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