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Looking Forward: Clippers Free Agent Frenzy this Summer

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Who could be looking at the Clippers as an attractive destination this offseason?

Best case scenario, we get 2 superstars that are able to compliment each other and can win for seasons to come. Still a good scenario, we get a superstar and a solid mid-level player coming off a breakout season.

So who would be the 2 superstars that could fit the Clips? The obvious first superstar would be Kawhi Leonard because he’s been linked to the Clippers for the last 2 years but who could he play well with? I like the pairing of Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant. With those two superstars and being able to retain most of the talent, we have this year only sky’s the limit for that grouping.

Another option that could happen so the Clips would be able to keep Gallinari would be to sign one superstar and one solid mid-level guy.

I have two combinations in mind; the first one is KD and Klay Thompson. I mean this would be good for us because of the chemistry they already have from playing a couple years together and winning some championships as well. The bad part with that combo would be that one of our guards would have to go.

That would happen if Kawhi decides to go somewhere else (Kawhi to Clippers is not a for sure thing).

The second option; which is my favorite is either Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard could sign a max deal to be our superstar — and then we sign a clutch shooter like Khris Middleton. KD or Kawhi are obviously on another level and Khris Middleton is a top tier mid-level player who would compliment the Clippers team greatly with his ability to be a versatile forward. That would be two massive wing upgrades. By signing Khris Middleton he wouldn’t cost as much as another superstar, but his game is just as good.

As much as we may not want the Clippers to fall out of the playoffs–this summer is one to look forward to and could set the Clippers up for some huge success for years to come.

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