As we all know by now Kawhi Leonard is probably the biggest free agent linked to the Clippers. Kevin Durant is also being mentioned here and there but there is no rumor stronger than Kawhi to the Clippers this coming offseason.

For the Clippers, Kawhi’s performance thus far in these 2019 playoffs has been great. Kawhi has been able to take over the game when needed and almost score at will while either playing on or off the ball. He has been playing at another level averaging over 30 points per game in the playoffs this year. Kawhi has been getting better and better as each series has moved on, showing why the Clippers not only need him because of the absurd numbers he’s been putting up but also that Kawhi is able to knock down clutch shots when needed especially late in games.

Kawhi is definitely a superstar in the making and is just what the Clippers need to make it deeper into the playoffs and push them into title contention.

If Kawhi Leonard happens to pick a different team, another guy we could have join our squad could be Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is a guy that given a good contract would be able to flourish, and has amazing offensive skills with his defensive side that is not too bad either. He has been able to score almost at will in these playoffs and has knocked down some big-time shots when it has mattered during crunch time. Jimmy would be interesting to see what he could do playing on the Clippers and being paired possibly with another superstar — now that upside would be tremendous.

Even though the Clips aren’t playing in the playoffs, they are still very much relevant being talked about almost nightly with this packed free agent class upcoming this offseason.

Featured Image: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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