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Clippers Hope for Superstars This Offseason

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After that Kawhi dagger to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals it might be safe to say that nobody knows where these superstars are going to sign this year.

It seemed pretty easy to speculate at the beginning of the playoffs; Kawhi to the Clippers and KD and Kyrie were going to end up playing in New York. Now it seems that anything could happen this summer after what has gone underway in the 2019 playoffs.

Could it be possible that the Clippers want to get in on the trade talks with the 76ers and somehow try and get Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid if they’re available? Either one of those guys are superstars in the making as long as their game keeps progressing. Probably unlikely though as the Clippers would like to keep the core that they have now and rather be able to add the max contracts through free agency.

Even though Kawhi is moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals his landing spot this summer still could be anywhere and the Clips are still right up there as one of his top destinations.

It was also pretty easy for Kevin Durant to get a first-hand look at the Clippers during the opening round of the playoffs. Obviously, he’s been quiet about his free agency throughout the playoffs but playing against the Clippers for a surprising 6 games could have given him another team to think about joining when that time comes to this offseason.

On another note, a great piece of news came across Tuesday night that Jerry West has agreed to return as the Clippers consultant next season. That’s a great win for the Clippers front office to retain West and keep using his magic as they are trying to build something special.

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