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Can Lebron Recruit Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler This Summer?

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Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that LeBron James has been in contact with both Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. The Lakers will only have room for 1 max free agent so LeBron is trying to see which player is the best fit for him and the Lakers.

Jimmy Butler had a great postseason with the Philadelphia 76ers and he is looking for a max contract this summer. Butler could lose money if he leaves the 76ers for another organization. Butler can sign a five-year max with the 76ers for $188 million, with another team he can get around $140 million for 4 years. Butler has stated that whoever pays him the max and gives him a chance to win then he will take it. Playing alongside LeBron James may be what butler is looking for as his skillset compliments James. Butler’s competitive will and ability to make big shots in big games are what LeBron has won with before in Wade and Irving. Butler is a great fit on the Lakers.

Kawhi Leonard has just led the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Finals with the greatest stretch of basketball he has ever played. The city of Toronto has embraced Leonard all season and with a Finals appearance, it will be difficult for him to leave. Leonard also has a chance to win his second Finals MVP and cement his legacy by defeating one of the greatest teams of all time. Leonard would be the perfect superstar to join LeBron James because of his quiet personality. Leonard has been rumored to a Los Angeles team since last summer.

Whether it’s the Clippers or Lakers is yet to be determined but the Raptors have made a strong pitch to Leonard especially if they can win the championship. LeBron James can recruit Leonard but ultimately if he can win the championship then he has a slim chance of leaving Toronto.

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