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Key Things for Clippers to Get Ready for Upcoming Season

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Clippers were able to do a lot of good things this past season with it supposedly being the “down year” since the Clippers were “rebuilding”.

From all the hypotheticals the Clips ended up finishing the season way over expectation with 48 wins and making it into the playoffs. Doing all that the Clips were talked about quite a bit throughout the regular season and then being showcased during the first round of the playoffs helped them show everybody that something special is in the making.

What should the Clippers do to maximize the potential of this offseason?

First thing is to sign at least one superstar, someone like a Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant would be the top options. Doing that could attract another mid-level or superstar to sign also.

Another thing is to keep elevating the play of our young guards. Shai has shown us this last season that he could be something special in the near future especially after his really good play for a rookie in the playoffs. Jerome Robinson was also drafted with SGA and was back and forth from G League to NBA squad throughout the season but he could showed us that his offensive game is coming and he has a great defensive mind. Now if they can keep progressing as they did all season they can become forces to reckon with throughout the years to come.

Retaining a key player that’s set to be a free agent would also help keep the Clippers grind it out style keep going on with resigning Patrick Beverly. He was the spark plug for the team whenever he was on the court playing his mad dog style while getting under the skin of his opponents anyway that he could. He is also a great veteran to mentor these other young players trying to grow their own game. He is a key player that can quietly score 30 points and be talked about for his loud defensive play.

The last thing could be the growth of Montrezl Harrell. Now the Clips know he has the heart and will but his game improvement that has stated he was working on could make him deadly. He posted a list on social media just after the offseason saying he was working on round out his game, some things included free throw shooting and 3 point shooting. He is pretty good from 10 feet and into the rim so working on growing that shooting game wouldn’t be bad for the Clippers and upping that free throw makes percentage is always a plus.

The young Clippers after this offseason should be trending in the right direction forming a team that’s reoccurring in the Playoffs for years to come.

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