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Who’s Your Choice: Gretzky or Quick?

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We all have debates now across the board in sports, business, etc..  but it is how you back up your side of the argument is how one is defined. The debate for Los Angeles Kings fans is this – Wayne Gretzky or Jonathan Quick.
The question: who revived Los Angeles Kings Hockey?

Let’s start with the greatest player of all time and my personal favorite player of all-time Wayne Gretzky. When the Great One was in Edmonton with the Oilers He was nothing short of spectacular, producing points like it was taking a breath. His move to Los Angeles paved the way for hockey, not just in Los Angeles. Belief is that Gretzky paved the way for popular markets like Anaheim, Florida, San Jose, and Ottawa to get hockey teams in their markets. He certainly made his mark in professional hockey, but he put hockey in the city of Los Angeles back on the map again, making a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals against Montreal. Although he never won a cup with the Kings he put his stamp on the city.

For Jonathan Quick, he was kind of an overnight sensation, coming “out of nowhere” to lead the Kings to the promised land twice. Quick came through the system, playing in Reading before getting that cup of coffee in Los Angeles before becoming the full-time goalie in 2008-09. He is the best goalie in Kings’ history and his record and stats speak for themselves. He has won two Stanley Cups and a Conn Smythe trophy during his career, all with the Kings. He has stood on his head many times just to get the Kings into playoff contention.

There never will be another #32, nor will there be another 99 but who do you choose for turning hockey around in Los Angeles?

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