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Lakers Fans: There Is No Need to Panic

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NBA Lakers LeBron James 2019
by Wilson Williams

Over the last few years, with draft picks and free agent possibilities, not a day goes by where I don’t type “Lakers” in my engine search. I guess I’m just as bad as most fans buying into media as real facts. 

Waiting on the breaking news can also expose fans to fake reports. Over the last few weeks, there have been so much media and drama in an attempt to make Jeanie Buss and the Lakers look bad. This media attention would drive any fan crazy and has brought out the so-called devastating Lakers’ fans.

I believe Jeanie Buss, given this team by her Dad, is doing everything in her power to get the Lakers back on top. Make no mistake – the front office and the real Lakers’ fans believe things will turn around.

The “love to hate Lakers” media, along with NBA executives, also worries the Lakers are on the verge of figuring things out. The Lakers arguably may have the strongest coaching staff assembled, simply because the front office has hand-picked each coach to a specific role.

The Possibility of the Lakers Loading up on Big-Name Players…

Phase 1

Let’s not forget the Lakers signed the best player on the planet in Lebron James to a four-year deal.

Phase 2 and Phase 3

Lakers make a monumental trade on 2019 Draft Day for Anthony Davis or Lakers keep young core who are stronger and trade the no fourth pick for a solid shooter.

Phase 4

Lakers sign surprise max-dollar free agent Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, or Kemba Walker.

In summary, a great way for the media to camouflage the Lakers’ progress is to make fun of their daily decisions. My feelings are that many executives and outsiders around the league want the Lakers front office to look lost with no direction.

With that said, there has to be great fear the Lakers are one or two moves away from regaining dominance in the NBA.

Featured Image: Rick Scuteri/AP (via SportsNet)
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