The New Orleans Pelicans new Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, David Griffin has begun listening to offers for Anthony Davis.
The Lakers are still one of the teams that will look to make the trade for Davis but the question is should they?

Magic and Pelinka both offered the entire young core of the Lakers for Davis and got rejected by the Pelicans. The Lakers were losing games without LeBron James on the floor and as soon as Davis requested a trade, the Lakers were the first team calling.

Clearly, Magic Johnson is impatient and felt that in order to help LeBron win a championship then he needed a superstar alongside him. However, the young core of Ingram, Ball, and Kuzma is developing before our eyes and each has had moments of greatness. Patience is hard to have in Los Angeles and an organization that has won 16 NBA championships but giving up the entire young core for 1 player is absurd. The Lakers future is bright with the young studs on the roster and they will continue to develop into great players.

Anthony Davis is a great talent but he’s also injury prone and even though he’s 26 and in his prime, he is not a winner yet. LeBron and AD will not be enough to win without other good players around them. Depth and Versatility are valuable in this league, especially with young hungry players that want to win.

The Lakers should not make any deals to trade any players of the young core. Stephen Curry didn’t become an all-star until his 5th year in the league and Klay Thompson didn’t become an all-star until his 4 seasons in the league. That team became a dynasty because the franchise was patient and saw flashes of greatness early on and believed that one day it will all come together.

The Lakers best option is to add to the team without giving up anything. The young core must grow under LeBron James in order to elevate their chances of contending next season. If AD was a free agent then no question he would be an asset to the Lakers but in a trade, it will not make the Lakers better for the long term.

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