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Clippers Re-sign Key Veteran and Receive a Great Role Player

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The Clippers have been pretty quiet during this free agency period but have made two great moves that will surely help this upcoming season.

Re-signing Pat Beverley for 3 years at 40 million is great for the Clippers team since Beverley stated that the Sacramento Kings were prepared to give 3 years at 50 million. The Clippers identity all last year was hard nose defense and the will not to give up — that identity was created by: Patrick Beverley. Since the majority of the team is made up from guys remaining from last years squad they will be able to only grow from what they accomplished last year. Signing Beverley will let us keep that key veteran piece that hopefully can attract some good players in the future and allow Patrick Beverley to “be pat”.

Anther move the Clips made recently was getting in on the Jimmy Butler sign and trade as the fourth team and were able to take on Moe Harkless from the Portland Trail Blazers and a future first round pick from the Heat. Harkless isn’t known for his shooting but he is a lengthy defensive man who will fit right in as a great role player. He has a strong passion for winning and hopefully he is able to bring that passion to a locker room that is full of it.

Also late Tuesday night the Clippers made another move retaining Rodney Mcgruder offering him 3 years at 15 million dollars. He is another quality role player that would come off the bench or is also good for load management if the Clips happen to get a superstar in the near future.

Other than those three good players the Clippers front office has been very quiet about their moves and what their plan is, so no news is not always bad.

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