Is Trevor Cahill on his way out?

He had already been demoted to the bullpen. In his first game as a reliever against the Reds on June 26 at home, he pitched two scoreless innings while giving up two hits and a walk. Since then he has pitched in three games and in 6.2 innings, he has given up 6 runs and 2 home runs. With Middleton coming back, Cahill might not be needed in the bullpen that often anyway. The problem is that the Angels don’t want to admit that they spent $9 million for faulty merchandise.

How many more bad starts will Matt Harvey get before the Angels decide to release him?

Harvey is pretty much in the same shoes as Cahill is and even more expensive ($11 million). You have to love Harvey’s persistence in trying to get back on his feet, but his gaudy 7.50 ERA can’t be ignored. Jaime Barria has been effective and J.C. Ramirez is returning. Pretty soon the Angels are going to have their starting pitching depth back and at least one person will have to go.

Will J.C. Ramirez be a starter or a reliever?

If reliever Middleton comes back healthy, Ramirez will likely be starting. This might leave Felix Peña out in the cold since he’s only on a 1-year contract worth $569,000 and because the Angels are trying hard so get Harvey to at least a serviceable pitcher as mentioned earlier. But I’m sure they will keep Peña for now until they are 100% certain that Harvey will no longer be able to compete.

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