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The Kawhi Sweepstakes Over; How Have the Lakers Shaped Out?

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Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Kawhi Leonard chose to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers after a major trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder for Paul George. The Lakers, however, made instant moves for Danny Green, Javale Mcgee, KCP, and Quinn Cook. They also have added former All-Star, Demarcus Cousins.
The Lakers are pretty much finished building the roster out with the core of the team surrounded by Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

The Lakers were prepared to sign Kawhi Leonard and create the next super team. However, the Clippers were able to land a second-star player in Paul George to pair with Kawhi Leonard. The Lakers are already contenders with Davis and James and now the battle of LA begins. The Lakers now have all the pieces to compete for a title next year.

The urgency to win now is important for LeBron James as he enters his 17th year and will be 35 years old in December. LeBron will be motivated next year because of the many doubters in the media. He will have to prove them wrong once again. Both Los Angeles teams have never been title contenders at the same time.

Both the Clippers and Lakers are fighting for supremacy in the Western Conference. The Golden State Warriors won’t be the same without Durant and Thompson for next season. The door has opened for a clash of LA teams in the 2020 playoffs.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis must lead this team to a championship. New head coach, Frank Vogel has a difficult job to coach this group with high expectations. The Lakers have defense at the rim with good shooting and playmaking. Now they need to put the puzzle together in order to win a title.

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