Coaches, Scouts, and Executives answered a poll on the best player in the NBA. Kawhi received 12 of 20 votes and Giannis received 6 votes while Harden got 2 votes. LeBron James received 0 votes for the best player in the NBA.

The votes were clearly living in the moment and did not give LeBron James a vote due to his injury and his team missing the playoffs. If any player deserved the right to prove himself before someone is named best player over him, it’s LeBron James.

This poll is a great sign for Laker Nation because LeBron James will prove them wrong next season. LeBron James hasn’t had this kind of disrespect in his career and now most coaches and executives believe that he’s not what he used to be.

The Lakers were 20-14 after a Christmas day win over the Golden State Warriors. James injured his groin and missed the next 17 games as the Lakers struggled to win games. If LeBron stays healthy there is no doubt that the Lakers win about 50 games and make the playoffs.

LeBron James will be more than ready to lead the Lakers next season and he will show that he’s the best player in the NBA. LeBron is going for that 4th NBA championship and he doesn’t have much time left so he is primed to take advantage of this opportunity.

A clash between LeBron and Kawhi in the 2020 playoffs is inevitable. James will continue to set the bar as he gets older and continues to play at a high level at age 35.

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