LeBron James will host a minicamp with his Lakers teammates early September before training camp. The Lakers have an entirely new roster besides Kuzma, Rondo, KCP, and LeBron. This minicamp that LeBron will host is important for himself to get acclimated to his new teammates.

This will also give LeBron extra time to practice with his new All-Star teammate Anthony Davis. This minicamp is a great sign of leadership by LeBron James as the journey begins to a Championship season.

The new players on the Lakers roster for next season are excited about this opportunity. Demarcus Cousins has shown commitment to his body per totalprosports.com. Anthony Davis is excited to prove that he’s an MVP candidate. Rajon Rondo is looking to build on last season and be the locker room leader that he has been throughout his career. Danny Green is looking to continue his winning spirit from the Spurs and Raptors.

This minicamp should help with the team chemistry that will continue into training camp. The western conference is as competitive as it’s ever been and getting off to a good start is very important for the Lakers. A slow start could be the difference between a 2 seed and the 5th seed. LeBron knows how important chemistry is to winning games throughout the season.

Building team chemistry early will help down the road, especially in the playoffs.

Featured Image: Michael Giuffrida via www.flickr.com
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