Mike Trout as many Angels fans know is already one of the greatest players the Angels’ organization has ever seen.
He is already the all-time leader in bWAR (Baseball-Reference, Wins-Above Replacement) with 72.5 coming into August 21st, 2019, and behind him in 2nd is RHP Chuck Finley is at 51.8 and he played from 1986-1999 with the Angels.

Mike Trout has a chance at setting some single-season records for the Angels this season and the biggest one is the single-season Home Run record. Mike Trout currently has 42 Home Runs coming into August 21st and is chasing the record held by 3rd baseman Troy Glaus (1998-2004) who hit 47 homers in the 2000 season. Trout is on-pace to beat that record and even hit his 40th homer of the season quicker than Glaus did when he hit 47 homers.

Trout reached his 40th homer in the Angels’ 123rd game while Glaus reached his 40th homer in the Angels’ 136th game in the 2000 season. When Mike Trout hit his 40th homer of the season in the 123rd game that made him the fastest player in Angels’ history to hit 40 Home Runs.

Mike Trout also has a chance at setting the single-season record for Runs scored as he currently sits at 101 with his own record he set in 2012 with 129. Some other records that are within reach are walks and WAR. Walks could be close as he currently has 99 and he holds the record with 122 which he set last season in 2018 after beating his previous record of 116 back in 2016. Wins-Above-Replacement could be close as well as he currently has a WAR of 8.3 and he holds not only the current record but holds the top 5 spots. He has the record of 10.5 which he did in both 2012 and 2016, 10.2 (2018), 9.4 (2015), and 9.0 (2013).

Mike Trout will more than likely set one of these single-season records as there are a little more than 30 games left in the season and it will be interesting to see if he could set some new records.

Featured Image: AP Photo/Alex Gallardo
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