Drew Doughty is without a doubt the captain of the Los Angeles Kings’ defense core. He is constantly placed in the same group when it comes to elite, Norris Trophy worthy candidates.

The other players in that group are Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns of the rival San Jose Sharks, Mark Giordano of the Calgary Flames and Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Some critics say that he should not even be mentioned in this group and that he is not even mentioned as one of the games greats defensemen.

Here are those players, along with stats since the 2015-16 season, Stanley cups and Norris Trophies, according to hockeyreference.com.

Drew Doughty      44 goals           156 assists           200 points          +21           196 Penalty Minutes            2015-16 Norris Trophy                 2011-12, 13-14 Stanley Cup

Erik Karlsson       45 goals           215 assists            260 points          -11             136 Penalty Minutes            11-12, 14-15 Norris Trophies        0 Stanley Cups

Brent Burns          84 goals           217 assists           301 points            +11           173 Penalty Minutes            16-17   Norris Trophy                    0 Stanley Cups

Mark Giordano   63 goals            144 assists           207 points            +56          245 Penalty Minutes           18-19 Norris Trophy                      0 Stanley Cups

Victor Hedman   55 goals            181 assists          236 points             +80          191 Penalty Minutes             17-18 Norris Trophy                     0 Stanley Cups

Drew Doughty may not have the offensive stats the others do, however, the other teams have more firepower than the Kings do. He does have something the others do not have and that is 2 Stanley Cups. In my opinion, he is still an elite defenseman when it comes to all-around play. The Kings as a whole have had a couple of difficult years and Doughty has struggled along with the team.  That does not take away from his credentials though, Stanley cups, Norris Trophies, All-Star teams, etc.

Do you think Drew Doughty has passed his prime, is overrated or hit a snag just like the Kings have? Does he still have elite status in your mind or has the league passed him by?
Let me know what you think on where you think  Drew Doughty stands amongst the leagues best defensemen.

Featured Image: NHL.com
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