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How Anthony Davis Wins DPOY Award

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Anthony Davis told Yahoo Sports that he wants to be the Defensive Player of the year. “I want to hold myself, teammates, including LeBron, accountable in order for us to take on the challenge of being the best we can defensively”.

Anthony Davis’s skillset defensively is as good as anyone in the NBA. He’s a great rim protector and has led the league in blocks 3 times with an average of 2.4 BPG per basketball-reference.com with 3 all-defensive teams. Davis can guard all 5 positions on the floor when he is asked to. This Lakers team needs Davis to be the DPOY if they are going to win the west.

In New Orleans, Anthony Davis never had the opportunity to showcase more of his defensive skill because he had to carry the load offensively. The Lakers with both LeBron and Davis along with Kuzma will have plenty of offense for Davis to lock in more on defense. The focus to be the best defensive player in the NBA will push his teammates to be better.

It’s very possible that Anthony Davis can average 3.0 BPG, along with 1.5 SPG, and 13 RPG. The defensive player of the year award has been given to the player who affects his team the most on defense. Winning is also a part of the award so a number 1 seed in the tough western conference with the above numbers will give Davis the award. Davis should also be one of the favorites to win the MVP this season.

Defensive Player of the Year Award for Anthony Davis will only help the Lakers reach the ultimate goal.

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