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Could Joakim Noah be the LA Clippers’ Final Piece of the Puzzle?

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As first tweeted by the Super Moscato Show, it seems as if former Memphis center Joakim Noah is training with the LA Clippers. It’s a very key piece of news, as Noah is the incredibly talented center that the Clippers are looking for.

Seeing as he’s a free agent, it’s no surprise that he got an invite to train with the team, but just how good is Joakim Noah? And could he be the last piece of an almost finished offseason puzzle for the LA Clippers?

Looking at the Numbers

Joakim Noah has already played in twelve NBA seasons, and he’s going on thirty-four years old this season. He’s also been hampered by injuries and missing games since 2015-2016. So, what actually makes him a worth-while acquisition? Well, mostly the fact that he’s a hard-working player that can get some real dirty baskets with his great floor positioning.

Looking back, Noah’s best seasons were 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. He was on the floor for a solid thirty minutes each game earning .485 and .476 two-pointer percentages for the Chicago Bulls. Hilariously enough, he’s never made a single three-pointer in sixteen attempts through twelve years, but his three-point abilities aren’t talked about when looking at his actual production.

Last year in forty-two games, Noah made 110 two-pointers out of his 212 attempts. He shines the most with teams that have excellent passers, like the 2012-2013 Chicago Bulls. He made 303 two-pointers out of 625 attempts with that team, and the LA Clippers might just be able to give him that passing power to shine once more.

Sizing Up the Big Man

Although not quite the size of Boban Marjanovic, Joakim Noah is still 6’11”. If he were to play for the LA Clippers, he’d be the tallest player by an inch. His height really gives him that dunk advantage, and he’s had some absolutely filthy dunks over the years. Besides those dunks, he also handles the ball with the best of them, and he can move through any crowd to get to the basket. He’s not afraid to hand off the ball if he sees a great passing lane, and if not, he’ll just glide right over what seems like a whole crowd to get the ball in. He’s a pleasure to watch, and he would be a treat for Clippers fans. But even more so, he’d be a treasure for the team.

When one looks at the current Clippers roster, it’s looking as complete as it’s ever been. Two superstars in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, along with some rising names like Lou Williams, Monrtezl Harrell, and Patrick Beverly. With everything that’s happened this offseason, it’s almost like a dream team has been built right in front of a long-suffering fanbase. But, considering that there’s only designated center in Ivica Zubac, Joakim Noah carrying some of that weight would complete the dream.

In closing, Joakim Noah working out with the Clippers is almost like staring at the final piece of a larger puzzle. The LA Clippers are very close to something special with the team they’ve created, the last need is a strong and reliable center. If they can put that piece where it needs to go, it might finally complete the big picture come June.

Statistics Courtesy: basketball-reference.com
Featured Image: purepeople.com

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