As Training Camp begins for the Los Angeles Lakers, there is one goal that this team wants to accomplish. Anything short of a championship season will be a failure for this team.

The Lakers history is about winning championship trophies when they’ve had multiple superstars. LeBron James and Anthony Davis can lead this team to a championship this year along with the great role players led by Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale Mcgee.

There are 2 things that need to happen for the Lakers to be successful.

First is the style of play that will be executed every single night. Every great team has a style of play that they can rely on in tough moments. Coach Vogel is already preaching defense in practice and focusing on conditioning. This Lakers team will be a defensive team that can run and get transition baskets. They have more shooters this year than last year so they will average around 10-12 threes made per game. They will be a dominant pick and roll team with LeBron and Rondo running the offense.

The Lakers need to stay healthy in order to compete in the Western Conference. Kyle Kuzma is dealing with a foot injury and may miss the entire preseason. The Lakers have been decimated by injuries the last few years that ruined opportunities to reach the playoffs. Injuries are out of a player’s control so the Lakers need the most luck they have ever had in order to stay healthy throughout the season and into the playoffs.

It will ultimately come down to LeBron and Davis leading this team and lifting everybody else’s game to maximize the talent on this team.

Featured Image: Stephen Varanko III
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