Rivalries between teams can be a good thing for fans of the teams involved. Would the same excitement be there for a rivalry between individuals on opposing teams? We shall see.

With that being said is the chirping between Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings and Matthew Tkachuk of the Calgary Flames good or bad for the sport?

Does their dislike for each other take the focus off of what the Kings and Flames trying to accomplish and give them the spotlight? Or does it drive them more to take that playoff spot away from the other?

The chirping began shortly after Tkachuk’s made his NHL debut in the 2016-17 season. The Kings were playing the Flames when Tkachuk caught Doughty with a nasty elbow. For that incident, Tkachuk was given a 2 game suspension. Doughty never forgot the incident and lets the Flames and their fans know that.

This is what began the dislike for each other and it remains spicy today. Doughty, a 2-time Stanley Cup champion and Norris Trophy winner, did not think Tkachuk, a rookie at the time, should be playing with that type of intent. Tkachuk shook off Doughty’s comments at the time but is known to take a shot here and there.

Which is more important for the game of hockey, and the future of hockey – team rivalries or individual rivalries? Do these chirps between players hurt or help the team involved at the time?

This rivalry is not a  Darren McCarty/ Claude Lemieux reboot but it stands the test of time to whether this can be the best rivalry in the game today.

It is one of the best individual chirpings in a while.
Do you think this belongs in hockey, and does it hurt anyone, if it hurts anything at all?

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