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Time for a Quick Exit

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Jonathan Quick has been the backbone for the Los Angeles Kings for many years.

Arguably the best goaltender the Kings have ever had, the time may be coming to find Quick a new home. Why would the Kings part ways with a goaltender who was part of two Stanley Cup-winning teams? If this does happen then the answer may be simpler than you think.

Quick, the 2005 3rd round pick of the Kings, has seen the best years of his hockey life in the Kings organization. Once considered elite, the 33-year-old Quick has been an average goaltender over the past few years. Although he can still steal a game or two, he has had his share of injuries and has played sub-par hockey during the Kings’ struggles.

Nothing is set in stone for a Quick exit but the Kings are moving in a direction, or a rebuild as some call it, filled with a youth movement. The Los Angeles Kings have Jack Campbell, the current backup, and Cal Petersen, who has proven he can handle the job in net. They may move him if the right offer is made based on the direction the team is moving in, which is bringing in younger talent.

Quick is beloved by both management and fans, as he’s done his part to make the Kings a contender and playoff-bound again. However, as mentioned above, there are reasons to move him now (age, injuries, and youth).  The value for a goaltender of his ability could still be high considering what he has done.  Campbell and Petersen have both have proven that they have what it takes to be a winner.

Who is the starting goaltender in the 2020-21 season? What will the goaltending tandem be next season?

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