The Los Angeles Lakers put together a defensive masterpiece against the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers held the Jazz to 86 points and forced 22 turnovers. The Lakers also combined for 14 steals and 9 blocked shots per The defense displayed against the Jazz is the potential that this team can have on the defensive side of the ball.

Avery Bradley and Danny Green have been outstanding defensively. The on-ball defense played against the Jazz started with the starting backcourt of Bradley and Green. Forcing turnovers is a huge part of having a great defense. Bradley and Green will have to guard the likes of Westbrook and Harden along with McCollum and Lillard in future matchups. Those two have shown that they can make it difficult against great players.

The defense at the rim is spectacular with McGee and Davis. This a big factor in the Lakers defense this year which will force teams to shoot from the perimeter to score points. The shot-blocking and presence will force players to think twice before challenging Davis and Mcgee at the rim. Dwight Howard has also contributed with a monster game against the Charlotte Hornets, finishing with 16 pts 10 rebs and 4 blocks.

The Lakers have all the tools to be a dominant defensive championship team.

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