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Dinner with the Kings: Who Would You Choose?

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Fans of television shows, sports teams and bands have one goal in mind, and that goal is to meet their favorites in person to acquire either an autograph or picture.
However, what if you had the opportunity to have dinner with 5 of your favorites from any of the choices above?

In terms of the Los Angeles Kings and the choice to have dinner with any 5 Kings players, past or present, my choices would be Wayne Gretzky, Drew Doughty, Grant Fuhr, Alex Iafallo and Marty McSorely.

For Wayne Gretzky, my topics of conversation would include his vision on the ice, Stanley Cup rings, how his career ended and his motivation to keep playing.

Drew Doughty would be a treat. The topics for Drew would be the Norris Trophy, when does he see the Kings as a serious contender again and who is the toughest player to play against.

Grant Fuhr and I would discuss the way he kind of changed the way we look at goalies because he was an African American goalie (unheard of then) and the fact that he is one of very few goalies to catch right-handed.

Alex Iafallo was my choice because he is one of the young stars on the team and we could discuss how he will be one of the more important centerpieces of the team into the next century. And Finally Marty McSorely because of his career “protecting” Gretzky to his role as an enforcer/ tough guy.

The dinner would be interesting because you would have players of different ages and playing decades. The would-be a treat because, as a Kings fan, you could hear stories most don’t hear and get to see some of your heroes in person.
If you ever got this chance who would you want your 5 players to be, and why?

Featured Image: Dan Rosen/NHL.com

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