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Let Us All Stay Positive

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How do we classify a winning season? Is it primarily on wins and losses? Is it how the players develop?
Every fan likely will have a different answer, which makes it a fun topic, especially for our Los Angeles Kings.

During a season in which a postseason birth may or may not happen one must look at the positives, even if there are few. A season like this will leave fans disturbed and wondering why this and why that. However, when we look at the whole picture, not just the record, we do see positives and inspired personal play.

Let us assume the Kings are eliminated from playoff contention with a month or so left in the season. Can you say to yourself the season was not a lost one because __________.

Do you look at the last 10 games or so of the season? Do you view the record the last month of the season, take some positives and go into next season on a high note?  Do you look at moves at the deadline (if any are made) and take what was received into a brighter future with more prospects and cap space?

As of right now the Kings still have a fighting chance. However, the second half has to go extremely well and those teams above the Kings have to start a downward spiral. Until that happens we might have to look at next season and take some positives into the 2020-21 season.

For me, the play of Jack Campbell and Captain Kopitar have kept the Kings afloat this season. Tyler Toffoli has picked his game up as well, but he is a lot of trade rumors right now.

What are your positive takeaways so far? What, or who< has been the bright spot so far for the Kings this year?

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