The Lakers are now 21-5 on the road this season. The Lakers also have the 3rd highest point differential in the NBA with a +5.3 per.
Frank Vogel deserves a lot of credit for getting this team prepared to play on the road and play well. Playing well on the road is a key for championship teams in the long run.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have done a great job of leading this team to wins on the road. The Lakers have played better on the road this year due to their attention to detail on defense.

The Lakers have beaten tough opponents on the road including the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, and the Miami Heat. This type of road record can be very helpful in the playoffs.

Winning on the road is what championship teams do so for the Lakers to get where they want to go, they must continue to be consistent on the road.

The Lakers seem to be healthy at all positions and with the All-Star break coming up. This will be great for LeBron James and Anthony Davis as they prepare for March and April. The main priority for the Lakers is to get the number 1 seed in the West. The West hasn’t shaped out how most analysts predicted so a number 1 seed is very valuable.

The Lakers should be active at the trade deadline or at the buyout season as they look for another playmaker and a wing defender.
The Lakers are in great shape and as they continue to be consistent on the road, the closer they will be to their ultimate goal.

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