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The Angels Trade That Never Was

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If you heard that the Angels got Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling, hold your horses.
What had unfolded was another “Buttercup” for the Angels, and one of the strangest and controversial outcomes of a leaked trade.

A little past a week ago, rumors surfaced that the Angels and Dodgers had worked out a trade.

Passan (MLB insider) was the first on the trade, yet, there were various reports including or excluding various components. The final trade would have looked something like the following tweet, according to Martinez (Creator of MLBDepthCharts).

The Angels-Dodgers deal was supposedly additional to a three-way trade between the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Twins. The deals were roughly described by McDaniel (MLB insider) as follows.



Everything seemed to be going well for all four teams. The only parts that were left appeared to be pending medicals and informing the players. Then the baseball world kept waiting…and waiting. Finally, complications of the deal broke out.




Apparently, Heyman (MLB insider) believed Boston was having second thoughts on their evaluation of Brusdar Graterol (The Twins prospect involved in the original deal). Regardless of who was at fault, Heyman believed that the Red Sox and Twins were trying to restructure the deal:

Ultimately, these discussions for the three-way trade did not work out. But they lead to two separate deals between the Red Sox and Dodgers, and the Twins and Dodgers a few days later.


So now Passan reveals the new deals, and now the Angels and Dodgers can complete their trade, right?

Wait, what?

The first report from Rosenthal (MLB on Fox Reporter) about the no-deal, claimed that the Angels and Dodgers trade was highly contingent to the original three-way deal. Since the deal never panned out, and Angels owner Arte Moreno became increasingly annoyed at the delay of the trade, the Angels and Dodgers deal no longer existed.

Recent articles about the trade fallout, reported by Ardaya (Angels reporter for the Athletic), have legitimized the account of Moreno ending the trade talks between the Angels and Dodgers.

Ardaya later shared a statement made by Angels GM Billy Eppler.

This trade, albeit unimplemented, would have immensely helped the Angels based on what they were allegedly acquiring. Unfortunately, this trade did not happen.
The Angels are left to either rollout the current roster that they have or wait to create another trade.

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