The Buyout deadline is approaching as March 1st is the last day for players to be waived in order to have playoff eligibility.
The Lakers did not make a trade at the deadline but clearly need at least 1 or 2 pieces in order to win the championship.

The Lakers need a wing defender for playoff matchups against the top small forwards in the league. They also may need another scoring guard to play alongside LeBron James.

The buyout market is not deep but the Lakers have options for players they can bring in.

Dion Waiters is an option for a scoring guard that the Lakers need. Rob Pelinka will probably not like the fit because of Waiters off the court issues. The Lakers are trying to win a championship and they don’t need distractions.

Another player that can be useful for the Lakers is Jeff Green. Green averaged just 7.8 ppg this year for the Utah Jazz in just 30 games played. Green had a great run with LeBron James in 2018 with the Cavs. He can be another body to throw at the top small forwards and power forwards in the NBA.

The Lakers would need another body to throw at Kawhi or George when they face the Clippers. Rob Pelinka should definitely consider signing Jeff Green.

The Lakers roster is enough to win the championship but if you can improve the team now to minimize your mistakes on the court then they should do it.
There is no doubt that LeBron James and Anthony Davis can lift this team to a championship.

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